IAK continues its capacity building activities for the specialists on youth work and education from Kyrgyzstan. In cooperation with the UNDP Youth Program in Bishkek, the organization hosts a study visit for the Ministry of Youth (Kyrgyzstan) in Berlin on December 2-12, 2010.

This year, the exchange program between youth policy specialists from Kyrgyzstan and Germany draws on the role of the recently established Ministry of Youth in Kyrgyzstan in youth policy development and implementation, and in carrying out monitoring & evaluation activities in this area.

During their study visit in Berlin, the participants from Kyrgyzstan – mostly staff from the Ministry of Youth, will learn about good practice of their German colleagues in this area. Specialists from Germany and Kyrgyzstan are expected to actively work together on the topics of the exchange and discuss how the participants from the Ministry of Youth can make use of the German experience as a useful input in developing their methods of work in Kyrgyzstan.

This exchange program is conceived in the framework of the project ‘Harnessing Youth Energy for Responsible Leadership, Participation and Decision-Making’ launched by the UNDP Youth Program in Kyrgyzstan in 2010.

The study visit is organized by Yulia and Michael Schulte, IAK program coordinators, who have a many years’ experience of work in democratization and civil society development with the region of Central Asia, and especially Kyrgyzstan. Claudia Luzar, an IAK member, who works in the International Academy (Free University of Berlin) will support the program with her insight into evaluation and monitoring techniques.

For any queries about the program, please contact us at kyrgyzstan@iak-net.de

About IAK:

Internationaler Arbeitskreis is a Berlin-based non-profit organization, comprised of development professionals, political scientists and specialists in youth welfare, which organizes study tours and exchange programs between specialists in youth work and young scholars in social sciences from Germany / Europe and other countries (e.g. Indonesia, Namibia, Kyrgyzstan, Latin America, Russia, Eastern Europe). IAK exchange programs focus on sharing experience in youth development across regions and building common activities to address the needs of active young professionals working in civil society and international development.

Kyrgyz-German professional exchange in youth policy 2010

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