Meeting in Levinsky Park in the middle of Tel Aviv. Photo: HK

Arab-Jewish Movement for Social and Political Change

Amit Ramon and Yael Ben Yefet Activities of Hithabrut – Tarabut Amit Ramon began by introducing himself and giving us an overview on Hithabrut’s activities. Hithabrut and Tarabut are the Hebrew and Arabic word for “connection”. About seven years ago, making connections has been the idea of some radical leftists, who had been involved in […]

Kibbuzim – Past and Present – Chen Yehezkeli

Kibbuzim – Past and Present – Chen Yehezkeli

Shabat, 4th of January 2014, 10am, Tel Aviv-Jafo Dr. Chen Yehezkely, Chen, who holds a PhD in Philosophy and earns his living as a driver, began his talk with the self-confident statement that “You surely have a lot of questions and I will answer all of them”. He then explained his confidence as resulting […]

Announcement for Kitchen Talk one day later. Photo: MS

Kitchen Talks

Friday, 3rd of January 2014, 7pm, Tel Aviv Yael Ravid and Goor Somer (Israelis), Habtom Mesfin from Eritrea, As there wasn’t the adequate atmosphere to take notes for a protocol, we decided to print the curatorial text from Kitchen Talks catalog by Yael – thanks for that! About Kitchen Talks Kitchen Talks is […]

Besuch aus Israel

Besuch aus Israel

Wir erwarten in diesem Jahr eine Gruppe von unserer israelischen Partnerorganisation Hashomer Hatzoir

Israel als Einwanderungsland

Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Voraussichtlich 25. Dezember 2006 bis 4. Januar 2007 Israel als Einwanderungsland Israel ist per Verfassung eine Einwanderungsgesellschaft. Jüdinnen und Juden aus aller Welt soll es möglich sein, in Israel einzuwandern und dort als StaatsbürgerInnen zu leben. Dieses Konzept ist einmalig in der Welt und war immer wieder Anlass, Israel zu diffamieren. […]